Created by Tristan Hall

Lifeform is a game of survival horror for up to 4 players. One player is an unstoppable, utterly hostile alien. All other players are the crew of the doomed mining starship Valley Forge.

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Lifeform May 2019 - Shipping!!
over 1 year ago – Mon, May 20, 2019 at 11:51:32 PM

Howdy space-farers!

++++ UK/EU/RoW cargo vessel now confirmed +++ Warning: contaminant hostile Lifeform ++++ ETA: 28.06.2019   ++++ US cargo vessel now confirmed +++ Warning: malfunctioning android mining unit ++++ OOCL KOREA / 025E ++++ ETA JAX: JUL.01  ++++ awaiting AU forwarders ++++ 


That's it, peeps the boats have either already been loaded or are going to be loaded imminently and we have the ship details below:

UK/EU/RoW ship:

Vessel:  MOL TREASURE 006W  ETA: JUNE 28, 2019.

US ship:

Please note that this has been updated from the original vessel details posted in the Lifeform Facebook group...

 Vessel:   OOCL KOREA 025E  ETA: JUL 01, 2019.

AU ship: 

Still awaiting details, we'll keep you posted!

UK Games Expo!!

Hall or Nothing Productions are proud to be sponsoring UK Games Expo this year, and we'll be at Stand 1-1016. Lifeform designer Mark Chaplin will be joining us on the Saturday (and possibly Sunday too) with the one and only official copy of Lifeform, so if you want to come check out our games and ogle Lifeform in real life make sure you come and say hello. We look forward to seeing you there!

UKGE is our favourite convention - it's the first one I went to as a punter many years ago, and it's an absolute privilege to now have a stand there to demo our games, and also to be a sponsor of the event, but the most fun bit of all is to meet you guys and talk about games and other cool stuff! Here's a quick dose of what we got up to last year: 

That's all folks - ciao for now,

Tristan xx

PS. Here's the link to the official Lifeform Facebook group - a big welcome to all of our new members:

The Hall or Nothing Productions Games Slate
The Hall or Nothing Productions Games Slate

Lifeform - April 2019: Printing Complete!!
over 1 year ago – Wed, May 01, 2019 at 01:19:48 AM

Hello space miners!

Just a quick one today as there's not much more to say: 

The games have finished printing!! :D

They'll be on the boat from China soon and heading inexorably to our shipping hubs like a doomed starship drifting through the intergalactic ether. We're just waiting to hear back from our factory and fulfilment team for the details about which boats they'll be on. After shipping there will be a couple of weeks of organising and packing before we can start shipping them out directly to you guys. 

We're aiming for the games to land in your hands in June/July.

In the meantime one of our backers has put together this excellent Lego team in anticipation of the upcoming space nightmares:

Thanks to Andy Scott for this awesome photo!
Thanks to Andy Scott for this awesome photo!

I invite you to join in the hi-jinks whilst we're waiting for the games to arrive by joining on our Facebook group here:

Ciao for now - it's going to be a deadly summer!

Tristan xx

Our Shadows of Kilforth Kickstarter is ending on Kickstarter TODAY!!
almost 2 years ago – Sun, Mar 31, 2019 at 02:14:42 AM

Hi guys, 

Just a quick note to let you know that our latest game Shadows of Kilforth is finishing on Kickstarter today with £140,493 pledged 1404% funded 2,476 backers 14 hours to go and 25+ Stretch Goals Unlocked!!!

The Shadows of Kilforth FINAL DAY update is up too - The Art of Kilforth, featuring 30 of the stunning 250+ images included in the game:

Happy gaming peeps!

Tristan xx 

Lifeform, March 2019
almost 2 years ago – Tue, Mar 05, 2019 at 01:42:01 AM

Hello Space-farers!

Following our last update (and feedback from your good selves) we've made a few changes to the print run. If you watch the previous unboxing videos you'll notice that the hero character sheets were too big, so we have restored these back down to their original sizes. There are also a couple of other issues which we needed to address, e.g. ensuring that where possible the bigger boards are on thick card rather than paper so that your games are more robust, and resubmitting a couple of token images that went walkabouts at some point during the file submission process, and generally tackling the sort of gremlins that tend to sneak into these situations.

All of this is perfectly normal, and it's the reason we have these processes in place for receiving the pre-production copies before you guys. But it is frustrating, as we'd all love you to have the games much sooner. So I take full responsibility for the delays caused here - we have one shot to get this right for you guys and deliver the most awesome space horror game on the market, and I refuse to compromise on the quality. 


All that said, the adjusted files have all been sent and approved now, and the final printing process is underway. Following these changes the factory have informed us that they will complete their progress and ship out from China next month (around April 15-20th). It takes about 6 weeks to ship out from China to our hubs from where they are packed and shipped out to you directly, which means the games are scheduled to start landing in your hands throughout June.

Thanks for your patience and positivity, and for being the most excellent bunch of ladies and gentlemen this side of Alpha Centauri! 


And don't forget to join us in the Official Lifeform Facebook group too:


As requested, below are the links to the three rulebooks for you. All three rulebooks - for the base game and both expansions - are in the same folder, in both high and low (Compressed) resolution... 

That's all for now - so just remember...

In the vast, forbidden seas of space… terror stirs.

Cheers peeps!

Tristan xx

Shadows of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest Game is now live!
almost 2 years ago – Fri, Mar 01, 2019 at 03:34:11 PM

Hello you gorgeous peoples! 

Your regular update will be coming very soon, but this is just a quick note to let you know that... 

We're super excited to launch our fifth Kickstarter board game 'Shadows of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest Game' and we'd love for you to check it out:

Have a fantastic day regardless folks! 

Tristan xx